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Custom Built Residential  Swimming Pools
Where Form Meets Function

Crystal Pools LLC assures that your desire for an outdoor living space meets both form and functionality. Crystal Pools LLC team has over 43 years of experience in the art of building, designing and renovating swimming pools. Our goal is to design your swimming pool and spa to be aesthetically and cost effective pleasing.

Crystal Pools LLC features:

  • Safety- Crystal’s standard patented dual suction and anti entrapment devices are on every Crystal Pool and spa.
  • Purification- Environmentally safe “Ozone” eliminates “wastes” in your Pool and spa water.
  • Energy Efficiency and “Going Green”- Crystal Pools LLC standard bronze; high energy efficient pump makes your long term pool and spa costs an investment for the environment and your pocket book.
  • Details- Our swimming pool projects start with an engineered site plan and topo's to ensure that your project works within the elemental properties of your entire most important investment, your home.

Urban Environments are nothing new for Crystal Pools LLC Designers, working in tight areas are a challenge that Crystal Pools LLC is ready to take on. Building in the City with tight lot lines, difficult access points as well as the Municipality guidelines are part of steps Crystal Pools LLC takes in getting a completed Project that fits our clients lifestyles as well as "the feel" a city home deserves.

Ali Felschow Verified by the Watershape University
SWD Registered Genesis Society of Watershape Designers
SWD Registered Genesis Society of Watershape Designers