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Swimming Pool Remodeling and Renovation Services

Crystal Pools LLC designs your refuge from the outside world, your oasis in the southern sun. Crystal Pools LLC has built and remodeled swimming pools to meet the architectural features of the island of Kiawah in Charleston, South Carolina to the serene mountain pools in Greenville, South Carolina. Our design team will take your pool and re-design your jewel, your outdoor living space, to meet your life style.

Remodeling and Pool Renovation:

Our remodeling team considers all project, regardless of the size or scope of the project, to be your vision and meet your Financial Plan.

Remodeling your swimming pool and spa is an exciting way to bring your pool back into your home, your new outdoor living space. A place to entertain and relax by your new waterfall with soothing sounds of spraying water.

Explore Crystal Pools LLC endless remodeling possibilities with new glass interior finishes, wonderful natural stone pavers, Adding new tile, new stone, new brick, slate or travertine, add a spa or relax on your new bathers bench. Maybe you remodeling plans are simply revitalizing your existing deck; Crystal Pools LLC has all the options.

Ali Felschow Verified by the Watershape University
SWD Registered Genesis Society of Watershape Designers
SWD Registered Genesis Society of Watershape Designers